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Meatless Mondays are a healthy addition to your week - the issue is just convincing your husband!

Said by a female newscaster on a major network morning show - in Massachusetts, where same sex marriage has been legal for *years*. Because all women are married, and only to men - and men must love meat, not veggies. 

"Do any of you speak English!?!?" (as the lady cuts to the front of the line) Yelled at me while in line with two other men of color (different shades of brown) at Costco 1-Hour Photo. Made me angry, so I gave it right back to her: "Yes! I speak English! The back of the line is over there!" 

I just assumed you were my nurse.

Said by countless patients at the hospital where I work as an Emergency physician, despite introducing myself as their doctor.  As a young woman physician, I am rarely taken seriously. People seem to think there is something cute or quaint about me being their doctor, like I’m playing dress up or something. 

You don’t LOOK Jewish!

Said to me in the middle of receiving my mammogram.  I’m a 50 year old female redhead reform Jewish rabbi.

A  white professor runs up to me from halfway down the hall.”I like your hair,” he says, without introduction. I have enormous curly red-blonde hair that has an obvious African texture.

"Very Irish."As he says this, he reaches out and touches it without permission. I almost gasp at the forwardness of it. I catch myself, smile weakly, and say nothing.

My hair is not Irish — I am light skinned and blonde, but I am Ethiopian and Turkish. I smile and say nothing. I am passing and that knowledge feels filthy in my head.

I said ‘shit’ in front of my chemistry teacher, after feeling really stressed about an exam. He replied by saying ‘That’s not how proper young ladies act!’ It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had simply told me off. 

Dear Sirs…

The beginning of a cover letter sent to the recruiting department of my office. The entire department is women. It made me feel angry that the sender felt competent business people couldn’t possibly be women.

Awkward Privilege, by Michael Cuauhtémoc Martínez

A friend asked me, “Where’d you get that dress from? China?” Guess she forgot that I already told her I’m not from China. 

My freshman year of college I made a single friend on my floor and for a while she was my only friend. The next year, my floormates were my closest friends and I would go out with them if I ever had extra money (which was very rare).
One day, out of nowhere, I got a text from her calling me “fucking bitch”, saying that I was racist because she was white and I only liked Asians, and I would turn her down every time she wanted to go to our favorite restaurant.

I was getting by on loans and scholarships and what little my widowed mother could send me while she had two working parents and was upper middle class. She wanted me to go out to eat with her every single week.

I’m Latina (non-white passing), She’s white. My friends and floormates were Chinese, White, Black and mixed. I felt humiliated, sad, angry, like our friendship only counted if I could afford it.


Every single book or documentary presented to me that persistently refers to indigenous North American people in the  past tense.


age: 16 (via microaggressions)

You should pierce your ears so people know you’re a girl.


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