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One day, my brother is trying to have a conversation with me about my weight. In an effort to get me to try and slim down he says:

You know, the only men who are ever going to find you attractive are skinny black men. And if I ever find out you’re dating one, I’m going to kill him. In front of you. Then I’m going to kill you. Haha.

I was shocked, to say the least. Not only was I hurt from his comments about my size, I felt kind of scared and unsafe around my brother.

Every man who walks into the office says “Hello Girls” to me and my coworker, but will address each man by name. If I mention this I know my male coworkers would never understand why it’s so rude and belittling. Happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

A white man in his 50s/60s (a stranger) stared at me (an Asian American woman in her 20s) as I was leaving the office and said, “That’s a very pretty outfit.” His tone was ambiguously friendly but a little lecherous, I thought.

I questioned my first impression that it was a microaggression (“Can’t you even take a well-meaning compliment?!”)… til I recognized that it had made me walk faster and make the split second decision to take the open air stairs in the parking garage up 6 flights just in case he followed me to the elevator. made me feel objectified and unsafe, which makes me mad!

"Here’s a list of people who inspire us." 23 out of 23 people on this list are male. Call for submissions for a printing press. Amazed that they failed to think of even a single woman writer. Wondering whether they, consciously or unconsciously, have less time/respect for women writers. I don’t feel like I could submit something to them without directly addressing this absence, and I don’t have the energy right now. So I’m just pointing it out to microaggressions instead …

My dad shut the TV of while I watched a show simply because a character walked past two guys kissing. Felt like a knife to my gut. I haven’t yet told him I’m a lesbian and I’m almost possitive that when I do he’ll kick me out.

While practicing my martial art (Aikido) my partner, a large and muscular middle-aged man, begins to instruct me as if he is doing me a favor—despite the fact that we aren’t too many ranks apart and he has no teaching certification. 
I felt worthless, as if his status as older, stronger, and a man gave him the right to break dojo etiquette (only instructors should instruct) simply because of my small, girl status. His intentions were good, but his actions so incredibly misguided, unhelpful, and condescending. I felt as though I couldn’t say anything without sounding like an overly sensitive little girl…

Do you know what the problem with Australia is? There’s too many fucking Chinese there!

My boyfriend’s dad, drunk. I am South East Asian. My boyfriend was incredibly embarrassed but said his dad’s been watching too many episodes of ‘Border Security: Australia’s Front Line.’ Said in response to a friend announcing he was emigrating to Oz. Angry at the popularity of such TV shows.

Damn, what a waste!

Straight male acquaintance after I came out to him as a lesbian. Was it supposed to be a compliment? Does a man get to judge my relationship with a woman as unfulfilling and “a waste?” Does he think that had been straight, he and other men would be entitled to sex with me?

My mom sees my LGBTerrific shirt and laughs, tells me that it’s okay to wear it inside the house, but not out. She then tells me to leave the activism out, because that will make my life so much harder and that I’m too young to do this. 

On articles about a planet apparently made of diamond discovered by astronomers, people posted comments about how “the number of female astronauts will go up” and that you “can’t tell the women” about it.

Cool story, babe. Now make me a sandwich.

T-shirt of a  senior boy who goes to my high school, seen in the hallway between classes.

Hey sexy.

This is OFFENSIVE. I am NOT your girlfriend, I am NOT a sex toy, I do NOT deserve to be degraded in front of all your friends by you calling me this. In high school.

Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014!

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