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I convinced my boyfriend of a year to go to a school basketball game with me (he detests sports, but a friend of ours was playing). I bought our tickets from our vice principal at the door, handing her a twenty and asking, “two students, please!”

She said, “I hope you aren’t buying his ticket.”

Shocked, I tried to laugh, “I did make him come with me!”

She replied, “Well I guess that’s okay, honey.  I was gonna tell you to dump him if he made you pay.”

We went to our seats, he was uncomfortably silent and I was cussing her out profusely. I felt angry, devalued, defensive, and pissed by what society forces on him.


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    Sexism and gender roles affect and harm everyone in society, not just women.
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    A lot of men who mock feminists don’t seem to realise that gender roles hurt them too. Society constantly tells everyone...
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    I concur! Super dated and sexist is what that is.
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    society is dumb whoever pays for who is up to you and not something assigned to the male alone
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    Oh he sounds like a real keeper.
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    Reblogged from microaggressions. Ridiculous gender roles are very ridiculous.
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    ^^ haha, what a fucking loser.
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    i do understand this, but i don’t understand why the man has to pay all the time. especially if we’re not married. or...
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    There is nothing wrong with paying for your s/o no matter what gender they is
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