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I’m participating in a self-defense class this semester. The day before class started, the instructor sends out an email with information on the class. A paragraph explained that the class was not a martial arts class, so it was not recommended for men. Are men born with inherently better self-defense skills? I didn’t think so. Guys get mugged too. And what about the fact that 10% of rape victims are men? 


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    Seriously? Sexism isn’t some kind of magical one way street where men can’t be oppressed because women are still...
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    WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ. OH GOD, WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE MENZ?! *unfollows* Fucking douchebags.
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    da fuck, bro. I teach martial arts and it is embarrassing that anyone, man, woman, other, all, would say something that...
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