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The disciplinary principal at my arts high school calls an assembly that was supposed to be about not wearing hats inside the school buildings, but which spirals off into him lecturing us “young ladies” about wearing skin-tight leggings and our dancers walking in the hallways in leotards. He tells us the construction workers around the school have been checking us out and that we need to stop dressing this way if we want to be “safe.” Those of us who vocally protested this were shut down by classmates and teachers who said we were making too big a deal out of it.


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    Why don’t we just cut our tits off and dress in burlap sacks in the meantime? Surely it won’t be “our fault”if something...
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    Oh, this. This is my old high school, I heard about this. It’s just… horrendous. I mean, it’s an arts school. Dancers...
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    literally shiterally asking for it? "safe" as in no dirty thoughts in a construction guy’s head. keep those thoughts...
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