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I think girls are dumb and incapable of logical reasoning. Current company excluded, of course.

My team manager at my firm said to me and my female coworker. Telling us that we weren’t one of “”those girls”” was in someway supposed to make it OK.  When my coworker and I politely called him out on his remarks, telling him they were sexist and hurtful, he spent half an hour telling us how most girls he had met were “dumb” and “irrational/incapable of logic,” and offered to send us research papers and articles that back up his claims.  

My male teammates told me I shouldn’t let such thing upset me, that I was making too big a deal out of it, and that my team leader was entitled to his opinion. Made me feel hurt, betrayed, angry, shocked that even though I work at a leading consulting firm that prides itself on equal oportunitu hiring and gender equaility, I was advised to “let the issue go, and not make such a big deal out of it.”


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