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My freshman year of college I gave a presentation in front of my Understanding Theater class. When I got my grade back I had points deducted, but no reason for this deduction was given. When I asked the professor why she told me that it was because she wasn’t able to fully understand me. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, but I speak with the accent of the rural farming community I grew up in. She later in the semester told me that “it is hard to take you seriously when you talk like that.” As if I was putting on the accent.


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    I had the same problem in public speaking class
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    When I moved from the South to California, I felt like I had to hide any aspects of my Southern accent, because people...
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    When I moved back to the United States to live with my mother and her new husband, I had to enroll at a local middle...
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    yup. If some hiring committee judges me for my accent instead of my CV, I don’t want to work with those losers anyway.
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    My mother is from Macon, GA, my father is the son of German immigrants to Texas. I lived in Japan for a while as a child...
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    Ugh. Yeah, I’ve had this. I’ve had people who refuse to believe I’m an Atlanta native because of my accent. Hell, I’ve...
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    I used to actively try to scrub out my accent (I’m from Tennessee) because of that perception, that Southern =...
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    I was told that I had to get rid of my Southern accent (South Georgia) because it would affect my singing and my career...
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    I did speech & debate in high school, and I will never forget the time a judge actually mocked the way I said certain...
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    A good deal of my relatives from northern Ohio often looked down their noses at me and the rest of my family due to our...
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    My husband and I purposefully try to speak without Southern accents. I have a lot harder time doing so (especially when...
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