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A law school writing instructor returned my essay to me with a C+ grade. Although she could not point to a single discernible grammatical or stylistic error, she claimed my writing sounded “foreign”. “Law school must be so tough for you, ” she said, “You probably still think in your native language, and here’s all this English you have to read.”

For the record, I came to the United States as an adolescent, lived here for over 10 years. Later I learned that this instructor made the exact same comment to a friend of mine, who immigrated to this country at the age of three!


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    I have gotten this sort of shit ALL THE TIME from my math teachers. “Math is universal, but explaining it in English… It...
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    that’s awful! and it happened to me once, at uni, where a seminar teacher commented on my semester assignment, saying...
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    I would’ve gone to the dean of the law school and filed a complaint against this asshole.
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