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I am asked by my white,cisgender, heterosexual, male housemate to help him buy some lab supplies with my student ID at my college. I oblige and bust-ass in the middle of my busy day to meet him. I am a transgender half mexican genderqueer, i do not go by my legal name. We proceed to the check out for his precious petri-dishes and test-tubes and I am asked for my student ID number and then my name. I ask if they need my legal name, they say “yes”. With burning cheeks I utter, “unfortunately my name is ——.” My housemate, pays no mind as i humiliate myself with my ultra-shitty name, and goes on picking out things from the free-shelf. He has no idea that the cost of his lab supplies was more than $17 dollars. It was with the additional price of my privacy.


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    i literally did not understand a word of this.
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    Wow they asked you to write your name so oppressive
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    I really wanted to retire this blog. But I can’. Because you exist. Are we doomed, now, as a species? If tumblr is any...
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    Go to your nearest social security office (or county clerk’s office) and ask how you can legally go about change your...
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    This!Ill admit, I’m in vastly different circumstances. I get that my mother cannot walk. And despite how much I whine...
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    the original subject was being upset about this and blaming someone else for it is unreasonable actuallya...
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    They ask for your legal name for a reason, unless you LEGALLY change your name, you have no right to complain. Its a...
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    I was commenting to your words about them not their own words, don’t assume things about my thoughts on their...
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    I’m actually not here for this one. I don’t know what you wanted your roommate to do but I’m not seeing anything...
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