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Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2014!

Here is a great collection from Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013:


Every time someone uses the word “psychotic” to mean some variation of “evil, sadistic murder”. This is not what this word means, and every single supposedly insignificant use of this word in a derogatory manner contributes to the massive stigma that I, as a mentally ill person who has been diagnosed with psychosis (amongst other things), has to live with. This is the reason that I lie to friends, classmates and teachers if they see me picking up a prescription. Even when I tell people I am mentally ill I have a tenancy to only mention my other diagnoses, because the stigma surrounding the word “psychotic” is so great that people believe I must be joking in applying it to myself.  Makes me feel like I have to continue lying even though I desperately need support and understanding because I don’t want people to be afraid of me.

Maybe you should consider [a completely different career path].

My workplace, after I requested disability accommodations. Because clearly, cripples should stay in our economically-disadvantaged space so everyone else feels comfortable and doesn’t have to accommodate us, regardless of whether we busted our butts to get a PhD and be professionally successful. Made me feel like professional success isn’t an option if you’re disabled.

Why do hearing people think it is ok for them to tell us we talk very well when we speak with a very obvious deaf voice?

They would hardly dream of telling someone walking with an obvious limp that they walk very well. 

In junior high, I had social anxiety disorder. Sometimes when we were sitting in class, our teacher would ask if someone could shut the door for her. There were a couple of times when the teacher joked to me “Hey, would you shut the door for me? Or are you too socially phobic?” Although she had recently been trying to help me with my anxiety, her jokes were in no way helpful.

Made me feel embarrassed, put in the spotlight for no good reason 

After my brother had a seizure in public a teenage boy mimicked him. This is something that happens all the time. 

When I was in high school, many of the staff would mistakenly call me by the names of the other two students who also used wheelchairs, like we had interchangeable identities.

Personally I find it a terrible idea that someone who is mentally challenged or somebody with a horrible genetic defect should reproduce, call me terrible, but only after you provide a reasonable reason why they should. I know in the past the qualifications for eugenics were a little harsh (I.e. if you were unattractive) but what if it was applied to the above, and stopping these things in their tracks?

Today I opened the cabinet in my private office to find that one of my coworkers left a bottle of Febreeze pet odor  eliminator. I have a service dog with me who I keep immaculately clean.  Made me feel dirty, unwelcome, and obtrusive.

The only excuse for not exercising is being paralyzed.

A Facebook status from a family member of mine.  When I point out the privilege and ableism of this statement the poster and friends accuse me of “crab mentality.”  Makes me feel that my family is ignorant and hateful of people who may be overweight or poor or unable to meet their exacting standards.

I have a speech impediment, and about all I can say is vowels. I work in the dining hall at my college. Today, someone in line saw me and said “Great, we have the retard AGAIN. Why do they even hire her? No one can understand retardese.”

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