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During an age discrimination trial, the judge made a comment in front of the jury while the 60 year old lawyer was adjusting the jury’s electronic evidence viewer.  After the 60 year old lawyer finished successfully adjusting the computer viewer, the judge (in his 40’s) quipped “Oh, I guess they can teach old dogs new tricks.”

Are you sure you’re old enough to work here?

Asked repeatedly to me, a 25-year-old female, by a middle-aged man whose wife I was assisting after her eye test. I didn’t have the experience of some of my ex-colleagues, but I was still considered by my ex-boss to be a good dispenser, and even though the patient was a bit fussy, her prescription and the type of glasses she wore were well within the scope of what I did every day. I knew he was a dickhead and just kept answering with a short, “yes,” but I still felt angry at the assumption that I was incompetent purely because I’m a woman who happens to look younger than her age. And people try to tell me that there’s no need for feminism because sexism doesn’t exist in Australia anymore…

I feel like the only queer characters I see in media are rich, attractive, young, white males. Do I not count? Makes me feel unlovable.

Is this a good thing?

My boss, after I told her I was pregnant. I’m 30 years old and not married. Made me feel about 14 years old.

I work at a restaurant, and while my (male) boss thanks all of us by saying “thanks kid,” the women  also get “thanks hun” and “thanks dear.” Dude, I’m not your daughter or your girlfriend. You can just say thank you or compliment my good work. 

Hey ladies - do you want to be successful at work? Here’s the secret - marry a man who is twenty years older than you!

The news. 

A song I’m listening to refers to a group of people who are all the same age as “men and girls.”   

As a child I play with Legos and Erector Sets but am told I should be a teacher when I grow up.  As a teenager I help my grandfather repair trucks and work on construction around the house along with a male neighbor.  When I make mistakes I am ridiculed as stupid and for thinking like a girl.  When the male neighbor makes the same mistakes, he’s forgiven for not knowing what he hasn’t been taught, and told to learn from what went wrong. Made me feel powerless, angry.  Like my interests meant less than the gender role I had been assigned.

My doctor diagnoses me with vaginismus, which is a condition which can make penetrative sex painful or difficult. She explains that it isn’t so bad because I am ‘too young to be having sex anyways’ and that one day ‘my husband will understand.’ I really want to be able to have sex, and I don’t appreciate the assumption that I like men or that I desire marriage just because I am female. I wonder whether the same comments would have been made towards a teenage boy. Made me feel judged, kicked while down, misunderstood.

I am in a pharmacy and need something for sports injury. When I tell the assistant that she laughs and so does her colleague. I am 59 years of age and female.

My university is huge on men’s hockey. Tonight an important women’s hockey game is going on, and someone puts up a sign that reads “Girl’s hockey game tonight, make the time to go.” Women’s hockey isn’t a fraction as big as men’s hockey and the sign is meant to promote the team and get people to go to that game, but I can’t help thinking how ironic the sign is. Nobody would ever call men’s hockey “boy’s” hockey. It’s like not even a supporter is taking women’s hockey seriously by calling it girl’s hockey. 

I’ll ask one of the girls to do it.

An attorney at the law firm I work for. All the secretaries are adults, most of us are older than him. But we’re always “the girls.”

Today, a building inspector at my job described me as a “beautiful little girl.” I’m 27 years old. Made me feel trivial, powerless, infantilized.

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