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A submission we got:

"Someone at my school posts up the entry from this blog with the implication that the story made a big deal out of something trivial. We had to cancel classes a few weeks back because of an incident of violent hate-crime on campus. Made me scared, angry."

A great reminder of how these incidents quickly become a part of something much greater.

Don’t you think your reaction was offensive to others as well?

My white teacher to a black student when the student was offended that another student described a neighborhood as “ghetto”.

The people I feel most sorry for in America are white men. They can’t do or say ANYTHING without someone getting upset.

A friend, after I scoffed at a white man on the radio saying that people of colour just need to learn to relax.

(via colorlines)

Don’t you ever think that they only look for ways to be offended?

My mother while talking about my argumentative paper about microaggressions - “they” being other races, sexualities, genders, etc. Made me feel confused, shocked.

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