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Brown in Kansas

A wonderful cartoon submitted to us.

I was taking anatomy and physiology and during an open lab session one of my classmates (who is a white male) asked me what my major was. But before I could tell him he said “Wait you’re doing nursing right? Am I right ??” in a manner where he felt very confident in his answer. When I told him I was taking a class to be a medical lab technician, he sounded astonished and baffled all at the same time. He said that “It’s a shame that you’re not trying to be a nurse.”

I am a filipino female.

I don’t understand how you actually have a round butt and big boobs. I mean, you’re Asian for crying out loud!

My white coworker at my previous job at a clothing store.

I overheard one of my husband’s co-workers tell him that "It must be nice to be married to an Asian woman, because they’re so submissive."

I was waiting in the checkout line at a convenient store on the Jersey shore to buy a drink and a snack. Two young white guys who were chatting walked between the checkout line and the counter, clearly heading for the door with food and Gatorade. The cashier called to them “Excuse me, you have to pay for that.” One guy said, “Oh,” and instead of going to the back of the line, he cut in front of me and pays for the food at the counter. The cashier didn’t say anything or send them to the back of line. It happened so quickly, I didn’t respond, but afterward I felt their oblivious entitlement infuriating.

While talking to a friend about relationships and my lack of experience with them, she claimed that “You shouldn’t have any problems with finding a boyfriend; you’re Asian and pretty much all white guys love Asian girls.” Obviously, not only is the sole attractive quality I possess my race, but the only type of person I want (or deserve) to have a relationship with is white.

I’m waiting to visit my father after his heart surgery with my mother behind a pair of doors. Another South Asian family is waiting some distance away from us to visit someone else. A white nurse opens the door and seeing all of us says, ‘Only two visitors per patient!’

I work in a Mexican restaurant. My white male coworker is serving a table when he turns around and asks me: “Hey, you’re Mexican, how do you pronounce this word in Spanish?”
I reply: “I’m not Mexican, I’m Paraguayan.” 
He proceeds to say loudly: “No one cares, it’s the same damn thing.”
This was said right in front of our costumers.Not all Latinos are Mexican and Mexicans are not similar to Paraguayans. I felt belittled by the fact that my entire history, people and culture can be dismissed by one ignorant comment. 

I first moved to England at the age of 6. During one of my first few days in school a boy my age said to me ”why don’t you go back to your own country?” I was obviously shocked and confused and all I could think to do was tell my teacher who told me to respond to him by saying ”Why don’t you go back to YOUR own country?” since the boy happened to be Italian. 

One day, my brother is trying to have a conversation with me about my weight. In an effort to get me to try and slim down he says:

You know, the only men who are ever going to find you attractive are skinny black men. And if I ever find out you’re dating one, I’m going to kill him. In front of you. Then I’m going to kill you. Haha.

I was shocked, to say the least. Not only was I hurt from his comments about my size, I felt kind of scared and unsafe around my brother.

A white man in his 50s/60s (a stranger) stared at me (an Asian American woman in her 20s) as I was leaving the office and said, “That’s a very pretty outfit.” His tone was ambiguously friendly but a little lecherous, I thought.

I questioned my first impression that it was a microaggression (“Can’t you even take a well-meaning compliment?!”)… til I recognized that it had made me walk faster and make the split second decision to take the open air stairs in the parking garage up 6 flights just in case he followed me to the elevator. made me feel objectified and unsafe, which makes me mad!

Do you know what the problem with Australia is? There’s too many fucking Chinese there!

My boyfriend’s dad, drunk. I am South East Asian. My boyfriend was incredibly embarrassed but said his dad’s been watching too many episodes of ‘Border Security: Australia’s Front Line.’ Said in response to a friend announcing he was emigrating to Oz. Angry at the popularity of such TV shows.

Small talk conversation about our high school between me, someone of Sri Lanken ancestry, and two white people. One of the white people said, “Our high school had to bring in a gifted education program to help get rid of Punjabi gangs”. As they say this, they wriggle their eyebrows at me as if to suggest that I am in association with these Punjabi gangs that supposedly have plagued their high school. I say, “I’m not, Punjabi, I’m Sri Lankan”. The white person then says, “Yeah, well, we had those too.”

Initially, the comment and the body language made me feel confused because I wasn’t sure if they were referring to me- they easily could have been stating a simple fact but the body language suggested otherwise. When I clarified myself, they had the audacity to say yes, they were referring to me. It made me feel shocked and angry for a number of reasons. This person judged me to be Punjabi based on my skin colour. I also felt upset that this person was making sweeping assumptions about my supposed links to criminal activity based on my skin colour. GRR I feel angry now, thinking about it. 

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