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I bet you are glad she doesn’t take her color from her father.

People commenting on my daughter’s skin tone when I am out with my daughter and husband. I am medium complexion, my husband is dark, and the baby is fairly lighter than I am.  Come on people!

In downtown Detroit, a brown skinned South Asian woman approaches me and asks “where is the bleaching cream?” I don’t understand what she’s asking, so she rephrases it: “where is the skin lightening cream?” One, I am not an employee of CVS. Two, I have nice even brown skin (black American) and have never so much as looked at skin bleaching cream in my life. I tell her I have no idea, and she walks off in a huff. She didn’t have any noticeable blemishes that would need lightening, either.

Get a suntan!

I have albinism. It is screamed at me on the street. Dozens of times over my life. Made me feel like a freak. Like I was about to get beat down if I speak up. Sometimes I speak up.

Your skin is too dark and your features are too Indian. You will never find a boyfriend with that dark skin of yours. Look at you cousin, she is beautiful and white. Boys line up around the corner to ask her out. Try to look more like her and maybe you’ll find someone.

What my grandmother said to me, a 14 year old Indian girl. Made me feel worthless, ugly, and unloved.

My mom used to make me put on Fair and Lovely. She just wanted me to be pretty!

My friend. I am an African-American woman. It made me feel like I couldn’t be pretty because I’m dark-skinned. 

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