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Too bad about all the damn Cubans down there.

My boyfriend’s family friend to my boyfriend and me, about Miami. I am half-Cuban with a clearly Latin@ name, and we were in Miami to visit my father and grandfather, both Cuban immigrants.

You need a wife.

My husband, when I complained that I’m so busy that I can’t keep up with my to-do list. It makes me feel depersonalized and objectified, as if I have no function other than to make my husband’s life easier.

My husband and I both have doctoral degrees; he earned one degree and I earned two. But written correspondence from friends, family, and community organizations is almost invariably addressed to “Dr. and Mrs.”

Another installment of Brown in Kansas, a cartoon series by Steffany Brown. (Want to see more? That’s up to Steffany, but reblog anyway to show your support!)

After I suggested my sister to have initiative and ask the boy she likes out for a movie, Mom scorned me with a gaze and told me to stop giving her advice “for desperate women.”

I, a Black woman with locs, was on a local college campus when a young white female student asked me if I was related to another Black woman with locs who worked there. Since this happens regularly, I said my usual “No” with a non-threatening smile. She then clarified that she thought we were relatives because we “sound” the same. That was a new one! I’m used to all Black people looking the same but I guess all black women with locs who pronounce our words “correctly” must also be from the same family tree.

When I was teaching preschool at a private religious school, I was being repeatedly harassed by one of the high schoolers who was even coming into my classroom to intimidate me in front of my students. When I finally got administration to address the issue, they decided that an appropriate punishment was to have him write a letter of apology. To my husband.

Whoa! Osama!

A random guy to me, when I was out for a walk in a snowstorm. I was very muffled up — not just hijab (headscarf) but long down-filled coat, mitts, etc.  It seriously takes me a few moments to figure out what he’s talking about. 

You don’t want to buy a house, it’s too much trouble.

White neighbor who owns over 50 properties in our community, to me, a black woman. I was expressing my concern that our activist work would increase the value of homes in our community where I rent before I could afford to buy one.  We were standing in her doorway, one of the largest homes in our community. Made me feel the same way I felt when she told me how articulate I am.

He’s totally white on the inside.

School bus discussion about me, an Indian American. 

Brown in Kansas

A wonderful cartoon submitted to us.

I was taking anatomy and physiology and during an open lab session one of my classmates (who is a white male) asked me what my major was. But before I could tell him he said “Wait you’re doing nursing right? Am I right ??” in a manner where he felt very confident in his answer. When I told him I was taking a class to be a medical lab technician, he sounded astonished and baffled all at the same time. He said that “It’s a shame that you’re not trying to be a nurse.”

I am a filipino female.

I don’t understand how you actually have a round butt and big boobs. I mean, you’re Asian for crying out loud!

My white coworker at my previous job at a clothing store.

I’m 15 years old and don’t have a date to my sophomore homecoming. A friend and I decide to go together to save a few bucks. My friend has two moms, but it’s never been an issue with my family. We plan to get ready together, until my parents tell me I can’t.

When asked why, they say “Well, it just seems like they might think, oh look, our little girl is going on her first date and it’s with a girl!” As though all gay parents also want their kids to be gay. Not to mention, they didn’t know then that I’m gay.

I overheard one of my husband’s co-workers tell him that "It must be nice to be married to an Asian woman, because they’re so submissive."

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